Server Photos

Season 8

Seed unavailable at present date

World Generated in 1.18.1

Kingdom of Strodaria

iLuna's Base

iLuna's Base

Rubik's Craft News Board

Kingdom of Strodaria


Season 7

Seed: 277699879562473

World Generated in 1.16

Season 7 Shopping District (From mbr_2020's Shop)

Spawn - Town Hall, CRE and Potato HQ (Centre); Nate's Statue of Liberty (Right)

Season 7 Spawn Area (From Community Diamond Deposit)

Nether Hub Community Project

ItsMeMonza's Base

OctoSlips Base (Left); ItsMeMonza's Base (Right)

Spawn Island - Season End

Season 3

Seed: Unknown

World Generated in 1.x

Spawn Area