Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rubik's Craft?

Rubik's Craft is an SMP (Survival Multiplayer Server) for Minecraft Java Edition

What Minecraft version does Rubik's Craft run?

Rubik's Craft runs on the latest release of Minecraft Java Edition (No Snapshots).
On occasion, the server may run on a slightly outdated version, if the Fabric client has yet to be updated. This is to protect the security of the server.

Does Rubik's Craft use Mods?

Rubik's Craft utilizes an array of mods which enhance the playing experience and ensure player security while on the server. Click HERE to view our current installed serverside mods.

What datapacks does Rubik's Craft use?

Rubik's Craft also utilizes an array of datapacks which optimize and add vanilla-esque features to the game. Click HERE to view our current installed datapacks.

How can I join Rubik's Craft?

Visit the Quicklinks tab to access our Application Form.

How old do I need to be to play?

New members must be 16 or older to play on Rubik's Craft.

What is a season on Rubik's Craft?

Similar to Hermitcraft, Rubik's Craft runs on a season system. This means that on a roughly annual basic we start a new world to play on. (Copies of previous seasons can be downloaded from the World Downloads tab.)

What is a Rubik's Craft Preseason?

When a Rubik's Craft season ends, a Preseason gets launched to allow for time to choose a new seed for Rubik's Craft. Usually Preseason is a minigame, for example Preseason 8 was Race to the World Border.

What is a Season Twist?

A twist is a theme that the season follows. During Preseason, a new seed to play on is chosen by Nate. During that time, server members vote to decide which twist gets picked. Examples of possible twists are: The Crown, Building Zones, or Underwater.

What are UHC's?

A UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a special server event in which players cannot naturally regenerate health. Players may use Golden Apples to regenerate health and must PVP to win. On Rubik's Craft, UHC's are hosted on a seperate seed from the current season map. Visit this Minecraft Wiki page for more information.

What is ABBA Caving?

ABBA Caving is a game in which players compete in a cave to get the most points without dying. Each ore has a set amount of points based on rarity and the top 2 players from each round move on to the next round. ABBA caving events generally take place once per season, and are played on the current season map.

How is Rubik's Craft funded?

Rubik's Craft is funded by donations to help pay for monthly server fees and hardware upgrades. Donators do not gain any special privileges within the game, however they can earn perks such as a custom discord icon within the Discord Server. This allows us to reward Donators, without giving them an unfair advantage. Donating is completely optional.

How old is Rubik's Craft?

Rubik's Craft is over 8 years old, and started with Season 1 on the 15th of March, 2015. Over 8 years, Rubik's Craft has had 9 successful seasons, with a consistent player base.