Rubik's Craft is a Whitelisted SMP Server for Minecraft Java Players aged 16+, celebrating over 7 years of Vanilla Server, across 8 SEASONS! Rubik's Craft is a Hermitcraft style server, which runs on the latest update (Not snapshots).

Our History

5th February, 2015

Rubik's Craft is founded

27th September, 2016

Rubik's Craft switches to Discord from Skype

11th February, 2019

Rubik's Craft becomes donator funded

Server Rules

1. Must be willing to participate in server events/activities.

2. Must be willing to participate in calls, with working microphone/speakers. (Basic English).

3. Must have no bans from other Minecraft servers (checks will be made).

4. Must be mature.

5. No griefing of other builds.

6. No stealing other users resources, regardless of resource value.

7. Pranks are allowed however, they must be easily cleaned up, and respectfully.

8. Be mindful of bad language used.

9. Everything above and below a certain building is the owners unless otherwise agreed.

10. Frequent changes of nicknames and/or controversial names is not accepted.

11. #Memes may be used for any NSFW pictures or discussions, and is unmonitored. 

11. No hacking, or unfair ways to give you an advantage over other players are allowed.

12. crockettguy1/Nate's decision is final.

13. Advertisements are only allowed with prior approval from crockettguy1/Nate.

14. Do not use @ everyone without prior approval from Helpers. (@ here can be used on an infrequent basis, such as the opening of a new shop).

15. Do not attempt to modify or mess with a player/redstone system if you do not have permission.

16. Duplicating isn't allowed (except TNT duplication).

17. All new players must be at least 16 years old on acceptance to the server OR a close relative of an existing server member.

18. Server members with 0 deaths in-game shouldn't be killed (unless they declare they're fine with it).

19. PVP must be agreed by participants before enacting, or unless there is a valid reason to engage in PVP (such as current trespassing).

Ban Approval Procedure

If a player has been removed from the server, they must meet the requirements below to trigger a ban appeal:

- Been banned for at least 2 weeks.

- Have messaged crockettguy1/Nate via direct message after this time to trigger proceedings.

After this, crockettguy1/Nate will put the person to a server-wide vote, to decided. Reasons for why the player was removed initially will be provided for clarity to current players.

If the vote is in favour, the banned player is added back. If the vote is against, the banned player may re-appeal after each time:

- 1 Month

- 1 Month

- 2 Months

Then each additional month added on afterwards (so the next time would be 3 Months).

(In the event of a tie, crockettguy1/Nate will get the deciding vote.)


If a player has been timed out, and you think it's wrong, let crockettguy1/Nate know.

Timeouts can be given out by Helpers for not abiding by rules. 


To help keep the server clean and maintain security, we will remove inactive players without notice.

To stay active, a player must have done at least one of the following in the last year:

- Logged into the server.

- Sent a message on Discord.

- Sent a DM to Nate.

- Donated.

Once members have been removed from the server, and they wish to be added back, a server-wide vote should take place.

Server Ranks

@Donator Tier 1 rank: £2.50 Donation

@Donator Tier 2 rank: £20.00 Donation (FREE Custom Discord Emoji Face)

@Donator Tier 3 rank: £50.00 Donation (FREE Thank You Card Posted & Above)

@Donator Tier 4 rank: £100.00 Donation (FREE Thank You Gift Posted & Above)

@Donator Tier 5 rank: £200.00 Donation

(Donations are for the actual amount donated minus fees)


3 or more members of 1 country can gain a rank for their country.

3 or more members of 1 society can gain a rank for their society.

(Please see #roles before asking)

All other ranks are rewarded based on user activity.

Server Commands

Discord Commands

!info - Displays information such as IP, Dynmap, Website URL, etc.

!playerlist - See current list of all players online (Available only in #ingame-chat).

Server Commands

!ticks on / !ticks off - Display or hide onscreen player ticks leaderboard.

!tab ticks - Display player ticks in the tab screen.

!tab deaths - Display player death counts in the tab screen.

!tab crafts - Display times crafted in the tab screen.

Rubik's Music Commands (Available only in #memes) 

!p [TITLE|URL] - Plays requested video/audio in an active voice channel.

!p pl uktop40 - Plays UK Top 40 hit songs in an active voice channel. (Not monitored for profanity)

!p pl usatop100 - Plays USA Top 100 hit songs in an active voice channel. (Not monitored for profanity)

!s - Vote skip the selected track.

Rubik's Music DJ Commands (@Helper and @mbr_2020 only

!fs - Mod skip the selected track.

!forceremove [USER] - removes all entries by a user from the queue.

!movetrack [FROM] [TO] - move a track in the current queue to a different position.

!pause - pauses the current song.

!playnext [TITLE|URL] - plays a single song next .

!repeat [OFF|ALL|SINGLE] - re-adds music to the queue when finished. 

!skipto [POSITION] - skips to the specified song 

!stop - stops the current song and clears the queue.

(For a Complete Guide to Rubiks Music Bot, visit https://sites.google.com/view/rubiksmusicbot/rubiks-music)