Datapacks and Mods

Data Packs

3x3 Rotten Flesh to Leather

Deepslate to Cobbled Deepslate in Blast Furnace

Deepslate to Cobbled Deepslate in Furnace

Husks drop Sand

Vanilla Tweaks Data Packs

Anti Creeper Grief

AFK Display

Anti Enderman Grief

Anti Chast Grief

Armour Statues

Double Shulker Shells

Dragon Drops

More Mob Heads

Multiplayer Sleep

Player Head Drops

Silence Mobs

Track Raw Statistics

Track Statistics

Villager Death Messages

Wandering Trades

Vanilla Tweaks Crafting Tweaks

Craftable Bundles Leather

Craftable Bundles Rabbit Hide

Double Slabs

Dropper to Dispenser

More Bark

More Bricks

More Stairs

More Trapdoors

Powder to Glass

Slabs/Stairs to Block

Uncraftable Ice

Uncraftable Nether Wart Block

Universal Dyeing

Wool to String


For a list of useful Client Side Fabric based mods, visit this website. Note that Optifine is also permitted on Rubik's Craft SMP.

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