Season 9 News

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

Season 8 Ending

Season 8 will end on the 12th February! at 8PM (UK TIME) with a firework show hosted by @_Apollo_Plays_, and then touring bases etc. The final season back up will be made three hours before (5PM UK TIME) 

Pre-Season 9: Claiming

Pre-Season 9 will start on the 12th February! at 9PM (UK TIME). At the launch, Nate will be giving everyone their claim. Please react in #announcements so Nate can make an claim available to you. If you are unable to make the launch, but still want to participate in Pre-Season, please react. There'll be space for everyone who wants to participate. 

Season 9 Vote 

The Season 9 votes will start ~1 week after Pre-Season launch. There will be around 4-8 options to vote on for terrain/twists. Helpers and Nate will work out all the options the week before voting. 

Season 9 Launch 

Season 9 will launch on 10th March! at 8PM (UK TIME). We will likely do a UHC around this time. Claiming etc for Season 9 won't begin until launch. Nate will decide a seed based on the terrain/twist votes 


If you know anyone who would like to be added to the server, please send this Google Form to them. If you are already part of the server, you do not need to reapply for Season 9. We'll be slowly adding people during Pre-Season ready for Season 9. All details can be found on the website (thanks @mbr_2020 [] Benjamin)


Inactive members will be removed from the Discord before Pre-Season begins. If you haven't messaged in Discord in 1 Year, please drop a message if you wish to remain a part of the server. All members who have been active in the last year (by any amount) will remain unaffected.