Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Currently on Rubik’s Craft, things have gone very smooth, with many pacts and alliances formed. However things took a dip as mbr_2020 placed sanctions on Strodaria, a kingdom run by Emma. Earlier in the week, mbr killed OctoSlips several times, causing Emma to get involved, threatening to kill mbr.

In a statement in #general, mbrMC placed sanctions on Strodaria, including increased prices of goods from mbr’s shops and travel ban for members traveling between the two nations. Fines for violating these new policies were steep, in the diamond block range.

Emma stated that she nor her subjects would pay the fines stated by mbr, and mbr was banned from visiting the nation. While mbr did reach out to Emma to cease these restrictions on both sides, no word has came out on whether a deal has been set in stone.

For the sake of the server, the hope is that both parties can keep the peace, and no foul play takes course.

Official documents from both kingdoms

"IMPORTANT NOTICE - Members of Strodaria are now prohibited from entering ANY claim owned by mbrMC without explicit written or verbal permission. Also, members of Strodaria must now pay an extra 2 diamonds at any shop owned by mbrMC. mbrMC will not trade with Strodaria.

Also, if any member of Strodaria violates these rules, mbrEmpire will fine your kingdom 5 Diamond Blocks per violation. As a response to this, members of mbr Empire also will not visit your base effective immediately."

-Public Statement from mbrEmpire

"If a member of my kingdom violates these rules we will not be paying any sum. You have little power. Little control. We do not fear you. But you, should be very afraid of us.

mbrMC You are banned from Strodarian territory and all trade and commerce will cease immediately. The Empire of Strodaria officially declares mbrEmpire an enemy as well as any kingdoms that are allied with mbrEmpire. This is what you get for senselessly camp killing one of our own. You are the guilty one.

I want people to know you attacked one of our own unprovoked. You're "punishing" us for being victims. The server should know how deceitful your empire is. Do not believe Ben's lies"

-Public Statement from Strodaria

"The mbr Empire would also like to make a press release stating that while being threatened by Emma’s group a few days ago, this was not the only reason said actions were taken. The tariffs were in response to multiple circumstances that have taken place. Also, the actions taken were created in response to similar actions of other empires in regards to restrictive entry"

-Public Statement from mbrEmpire