Season 8 twist THEME announced!

Friday, January 7th, 2022 

Over the past few weeks, Rubik's Craft members have voted for the Season 8 Twist. As of tonight, the official twist will be The Crown!

"This Season's theme is THE CROWN - A ROYAL RULING

Many of you will be wondering what this means, so below is a brief summary put together by Emma:

Each person must be in a kingdom. A kingdom can consist of one person or many -Kingdoms establish whatever laws in their on land as long as it adheres to server rules -Kingdoms can do whatever kind of government they want, whether that be monarchy, communism, rouge, etc. Or even something new -Kingdoms can have whatever kind of relationship they want with the rest of the server. Treaties, United groups, etc -If a player doesn’t wanna participate in this much they don’t have to."